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The Riviera of Dreams A symbol of luxury and refinement

Marilyn Monroe said in her famous song, "Diamonds Are a Woman's Best Friend," and she was right! We don't know exactly what it is about these precious stones that makes women love them unconditionally. It could be their light, their beauty or the fact that they help you dream. We'd certainly have a lot of diamonds if it were within our reach. Perhaps that's why we are drawn to diamonds in a greater way than we usually are and that moment of magic when we see them in huge numbers, laid out one after the other in a stunning diamond riviera. Who hasn't thought of owning one?

The history of Matching Necklaces

In the past, diamond rivieras were intended exclusively for extraordinary events like receptions, weddings, or even evenings with a classy dress code. Their display was reserved for a few days, depriving owners of the chance to take advantage of these jewels on other occasions. This limitation was usually dictated by modesty. Wearing a Riviera every day was seen as a way to display wealth, even though it was not the intention. Even on the red carpet, where celebrities wore them as a matter of course they were not common.

Fortunately, the idea of using rivieras has evolved over the years. However, it's important to keep in mind that this change is underlined by nuances. Women who own Rivieras want to show them off to the world without hesitation. They integrate it seamlessly into their everyday lives regardless of whether they're going to work or dining with friends. Tennis bracelets, as an example are usually worn during the day to show off their attractiveness. In these instances it is recommended to wear a riviera ring is a great accessory to wear alongside a watch or other bracelets, or as a statement piece. But it is crucial to note that these scenarios are better suited to riviere with smaller diamonds. Rivieras with smaller diamonds can be easily integrated into daily life. Rivieras with larger diamonds are however reserved for special occasions due to their high value.

The meaning of riviera jewelry

Riviera jewels carry a deep and personal meaning, which is revealed through the precious stones used. The stones also exude unquestionable beauty, are symbolisms of the past that vary according to the time and culture. Each stone is imbued with meanings that are interpreted differently, depending on individual traditions and beliefs.

The diamond's unmatched luster symbolizes pureness, love forever and eternal love. A beautiful creation that sends the message of endurance and authenticity.

Emerald with its deep green, transmits wisdom, renewal and the pursuit of success. It is a choice that promotes personal development and achievement of goals in addition to aesthetics.

Sapphire, with its refined shade, conjures serenity and loyalty, as well as luck. Sapphire is a gemstone that brings peace and happiness to the wearer.

The ruby's fiery red color represents passion, wealth, and determination. A symbol of vitality and determination, capable of expressing inner fire in the wearers.

It is crucial to remember that the most intimate meaning a gemstone has is directly connected to the person wearing it and their personal interpretation. Each Riviera jewel is therefore an individual work of art, telling the personal story and value of the person who has chosen it. The beauty of these gems is not only in their aesthetic beauty, but also in their ability to communicate emotions and profound significance that is beyond words.

How do you select the right riviera ring

Riviera rings are a symbol of commitment, love, and celebration. We at Scermino Gioielli are aware of the importance of making this choice, and we are here to assist you in choosing the perfect ring for your story.

The stone of choice

The precious stone that forms the heartbeat of every Riviera rings, is the star of this jewel. Diamonds, who are the custodians of long stretches of romance, offer not only timeless beauty, but also enduring love. The unbeatable hardness of diamond symbolizes the strength of your commitment, forming a lasting bond. If you purchase or gift a Riviera rings as a present, you are not just giving a precious ring, but also a symbolic gesture of your commitment and promise of love.

While diamonds are the most popular option but don't forget that Riviera rings offer a variety of choices. Sapphires, for example provide a unique sparkle and are an excellent alternative for those on an affordable budget. The important thing is to choose carefully, as each ring is unique and has a distinct meaning.

How to choose diamonds

The four Cs are the most crucial elements that determine a diamond's value and quality. They are cut, color and clarity. It is important to be aware of these aspects to make an informed choice. Cut influences the diamond's capacity to reflect light. Color determines the diamond's hue Clarity refers to the presence of flaws, and carat weight is the size of the diamond. Here are some tips for diamonds. come in various shapes, each with its own distinct features and appeal. Round teardrop, oval, and round are the most common. When deciding on a shape, take into consideration your partner's style and preferences. Each shape is beautiful, so select one that best reflects your partner's personality.

Choose the right metal

The setting and the material of the ring are important to the overall look of the ring. Look through different settings to find the one that best showcases your diamond and complements the style of the wearer. The metal used to make the diamond regardless of whether it's platinum or gold, can influence its durability and appearance.

Finding the perfect fit

It is essential to know the size of your ring to ensure that it fits properly. If you're not sure of the size of your ring, you can take another rings you own to a jeweler to measure it or measure your ring size very simply by wrapping a strip of tape around your finger or a different ring. Cut the thread where it is fixed. You will know the exact size you require when you measure the tape. You can consult our guide on ring sizes which will guide you step-by-step to do it at home.


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