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Learn and Understand the Quran by Qari Shakir Qasmi with Urdu Translation

Are you necessarily looking for the complete Qur'aan audio by Qari Shakir Qasmi? If not, you can find some of the Surah (Yaseen, Rahman, Wa'qiah, Muzzammil etc.) recitations by this Qari with the english translations, available for purchase on a couple of online stores, including the following:, &

Complete Quran By Qari Shakir Qasmi With Urdu Translation

If you're acquainted with eBay, you might also be interested in the following auction for the complete Qur'aan by Qari Shakir Qasmi with the English translation. These are all in one CD and at a much lower price: or the following at a Buy-It-Now price: Do a search on eBay, I'm sure you'll find others if required.

The online audio for Qari Shakir Qasmi's complete Qur'aan recitation with translation has been updated. You should now be able to listen and download it, here:


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