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Sonic Adventure DX Free Download

Sonic Adventure DX is a 3D platformer game that features six playable characters, each with their own unique story and abilities. The game is a remake of the original Sonic Adventure, which was released for the Sega Dreamcast in 1998. Sonic Adventure DX includes enhanced graphics, new missions, and a bonus mode that allows players to play as 12 classic Sonic characters from previous games.


The game's plot revolves around the evil Dr. Robotnik, who plans to use the seven Chaos Emeralds to power up a monstrous creature called Chaos and destroy the world. Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends must stop Robotnik and his army of robots from collecting the emeralds and unleashing Chaos. Along the way, they will explore various locations, such as Station Square, Mystic Ruins, and Egg Carrier, and face off against various enemies and bosses.

Sonic Adventure DX is available for free download from various sources on the internet. However, not all of them are safe or legal. Some of them may contain viruses, malware, or other harmful software that can damage your computer or compromise your personal information. Therefore, it is important to be careful and choose a reliable source for downloading the game.

How to Download Sonic Adventure DX for Free

One of the most trusted and popular sources for downloading Sonic Adventure DX for free is CNET Download. CNET Download is a website that offers a wide range of software, games, apps, and drivers for various platforms, such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. All of the downloads are tested and verified by CNET staff and editors to ensure their quality and safety.

To download Sonic Adventure DX from CNET Download, follow these steps:

  • Go to [CNET Download] and search for "Sonic Adventure DX" in the search bar.

  • Click on the result that says "Sonic Adventure DX - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download".

  • On the product page, click on the green button that says "Download Now".

  • A pop-up window will appear asking you to save the file. Choose a location on your computer where you want to save the file and click "Save".

  • Wait for the download to finish. The file size is about 111 MB.

  • Once the download is complete, locate the file on your computer and double-click on it to run it.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to install the game on your computer.

  • Enjoy playing Sonic Adventure DX for free!

Alternative Sources for Downloading Sonic Adventure DX for Free

If you are looking for other sources for downloading Sonic Adventure DX for free, you may also try these options:

  • [Internet Archive]: Internet Archive is a non-profit digital library that offers free access to millions of books, movies, music, software, games, and more. You can find a copy of Sonic Adventure DX for PC on their website. However, you may need to use an emulator or a compatibility mode to run it on newer versions of Windows.

  • [Steam]: Steam is a digital distribution platform that offers thousands of games for PC, Mac, Linux, and other devices. You can buy Sonic Adventure DX from Steam for $7.99 USD. However, if you are lucky, you may find it on sale or get it for free during special promotions or events.


Sonic Adventure DX is a fun and exciting game that fans of Sonic the Hedgehog will love. It offers hours of gameplay with six different characters and multiple modes. You can download it for free from various sources on the internet, but be careful to choose a safe and legal one. Alternatively, you can buy it from Steam or other official platforms if you want to support the developers and get updates and features.


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