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Alone For Christmas [TOP]

When a family visits Grandma's house on Christmas Eve, they leave their dog at home alone. When three thieves try to take the presents from under the Christmas tree, the dog must use every trick it knows to stop them.

Alone for Christmas

Kevin, his own spirits lifted by encouraging Marley, returns home to prepare a series of various booby traps around the house. Harry and Marv, who were initially fooled by his illusions that it is occupied, now realize that he is home alone and attempt to break in, running into the various booby traps. After they spring almost every one in the house, Kevin flees to the second floor and dials 911 from a landline. Harry and Marv manage to chase him out of the house; he flees to Marley's house, which is unlocked. They trap him when he runs to the top of the basement stairs and hang him on a coat hook on the door. They decide to do the same things that he did to them and Harry decides to bite his fingers one at a time first, but Marley sneaks up behind them and knocks them out with a snow shovel before taking Kevin off the hook and back home. Shortly after he is safely returned home, Harry and Marv are arrested. Additionally, the police were aware of every house that they have hit because of their habits of leaving the household's water running to leave their mark.

We can make light of being alone this time of year, but if you're alone not by choice, it frankly sucks, and I'm not going to even try to cheer you up or mention that movie where Jimmy Stewart is a depressed guy who learns to appreciate life in the end. Instead, I am going to give you my friend Mikey's ritual for fully embracing a day of sadness:

You are Santa's best elf, because this year, you're taking the proper safety precautions amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. By staying put and not traveling back to your hometown in order to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, you might not be celebrating with your family in person. But, there's still much festive fun to be enjoyed, even if you're rocking around the Christmas tree solo and toasting to your loved ones virtually. To show off all the jingling good times you have on the 'gram, you'll need these Instagram captions for spending Christmas alone that will bring on all the cheer.

Both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day will be chock full of activities. In between shooting videos of your TikTok Christmas dance challenges and having a holiday rom-com marathon, you'll want to take time to snap a few photos of the jolly good memories you're making. Take a picture of yourself in your Christmas pjs sipping a hot cocoa bomb by the tree, because you're living your best #cozy life. Or, sign up for a virtual holiday experience on Airbnb. You can even stage an LOL-worthy moment by taking multiple photos of yourself using TikTok's clone feature and pair it with one of these captions for spending Christmas alone.

While you're sleighing solo this holiday season, you'll be doing it in festive fashion. Spread the holiday joy to your followers with some cute pictures, along with any of these Instagram captions for spending Christmas alone.

The Christmas Eve after Rooster cut all ties with him was one of the worst of Maverick's life. However, while spending it alone, he discovered something that managed to lift his spirits. Now on another Christmas Eve years later, Rooster discovers the same thing.

Christmas is coming and Dean is all alone. His father is out hunting and his younger brother Sam is spending the holidays with Bobby. For eight-year-old Dean, this is by far the scariest Christmas ever. He doesn't even have his little brother Sam with him and he doesn't understand why he should stay alone in the motel and his brother is with Bobby. But the eight-year-old shouldn't have to do without his personal Christmas miracle. And so, in the end, it might not be the scariest Christmas ever...

Parents need to know that Home Alone is a hit 1990 John Hughes-directed holiday comedy in which a young boy named Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) is left to fend for himself when his harried parents mistakenly leave him behind during a family trip. Expect disrespect between kids and adults and sibling name-calling early in the movie: Kevin is called a "disease" and "puke" by his older siblings and even a "little jerk" by his uncle, while Kevin talks back to his mother. There's no diversity (all characters are White and mostly male), and there's a ton of slapstick violence: Kevin trips would-be burglars down a flight of stairs, burns them, hits them with heavy objects, places sharp items on the ground for them to step on, and shoots them with a BB gun. Dangerous behavior with no real consequences includes Kevin sledding down the stairs and out the front door or going out shopping and walking alone after dark. Kevin also is shown watching a violent gangster movie that involves a character being repeatedly shot with a machine gun. He finds an issue of Playboy in a secret stash in his older brother's room but doesn't express much interest in it. Profanity includes "ass," "bitch," "damn," "hell," and "s--t." Overall, the movie is fun for kids and adults, but the violence and language make it inappropriate for younger children.

HOME ALONE is the story of 8-year-old Kevin (Macaulay Culkin), a mischievous kid who feels largely ignored by his large extended family. While everyone is preparing for a Christmas vacation in Paris, Kevin gets in trouble, is banished to the attic overnight, and wishes his family would just disappear. He gets his wish the next morning when they mistakenly leave him behind. At first Kevin is elated -- but pretty soon he realizes that being home alone isn't all it's cracked up to be. He misses his mom (who tries any and every means of getting home to her son) and even his brother, who bullies him. With all of the block's other families also away, Kevin has no one to turn to. Meanwhile, a pair of bumbling burglars played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern take advantage of the situation by pillaging the neighborhood. It's up to Kevin to defend his home, using every prank in his well-stocked arsenal. A bevy of violent, slapstick, wince-inducing episodes ensues as Kevin fights to foil the burglars' plans.

Fun AGAAGG Fact: The first movie I saw in the movie theater was Home alone! I love Kevin Mccallister and all his fun antics! (Although I knew I would personally be under the covers crying instead of setting up the traps for the wet bandits!)

There are many reasons we might find ourselves alone during the holidays. We might be separated from our loved ones by distance or work. We might be staying in hospital or grieving a spouse. Or we might be surrounded by people but still feel more alone than ever. But no matter the cause of our loneliness, in prayer we are never alone.

Heavenly Father, I need You in a special way this Christmas. I feel so alone, and it seems impossible to enter into the joy this season its supposed to bring. It feels as though my suffering is invisible, but I know that it is never invisible to You. You see every moment of loneliness and every tear. You see my confusion, my exhaustion, and my grief. You look on me with love and compassion, and I know You desire to comfort me now more than ever. I pray that You will allow me to know Your love for me in a special way this Christmas as we celebrate the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. Grant me peace in my heart at the thought of You, my loving Father. Grant me clarity and trust in Your holy providence. Jesus, I place myself in Your Sacred Heart to console You, and I ask that You unite my suffering to Yours. Jesus, I trust in You. Amen.

The ad returns to Kevin alone at home, when he hears sounds which suggest an intruder. The animated carrot decides to take a stand and set up traps to defend his home across a table laden with a Christmas feast, reflecting the actions of the character Kevin McCallister in the 90s film.

The popular stereotype of Christmas Day, where everyone is surrounded by family and friends, sitting at long tables of festive feasts or under the tree opening presents, is a stark contrast to the reality of many of us. For many people the holidays are the most difficult time of the year, and it is not uncommon to feel isolated or lonely during the holiday season. For some, this is because they live far away from friends or family, or some people may feel they have no one to connect with. For all kinds of reasons, we can find ourselves spending Christmas alone. This can be hard, especially if we are also experiencing other distressing events or situations in our lives. The good news is there are always strategies on coping with difficult times. Here are some ideas on how to deal with loneliness over the holiday period.

First, ask yourself if you have a choice about being alone. Sometimes we refuse invitations due to anxiety, or avoid reaching out to others for fear of rejection. If this is the case, you may think about whether to accept an offer or reach out to someone you know. You may ultimately choose not to interact with anyone today, but remembering that there were options to interact can help provide a sense of choice and control. There is nothing wrong with spending time alone if that works best for you today.

Some people who spend Christmas alone organise an "Orphan's Christmas" which invites other people in the community to get together for a meal and a celebration. Try searching for a community Christmas event in your area, or create one if none exist. Perhaps try posting a status into your local Facebook community group or asking your local council. If you feel anxious about reaching out just remember there are other people who are feeling lonely and would love to spend Christmas with someone!

If being with others is not an option, there are ways to make the best of your day alone. Christmas Day can be a time to indulge whatever makes you happy, and some people find they end up really enjoying this time to themselves! Here are some ideas to try if you're hanging out with yourself for the day: 041b061a72


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