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Ezcam 19 Crack

EZCAM 19: A Powerful and Easy-to-Use Software for 3D Modeling and Simulation

EZCAM 19 is a software that allows you to create and edit 3D models, animations, and simulations for various applications such as engineering, architecture, gaming, and education. It is widely used by professionals and hobbyists alike for its simplicity, versatility, and affordability. In this article, we will introduce some of the new features and improvements that EZCAM 19 offers over its previous versions.

All OpenGL Graphics

One of the major changes in EZCAM 19 is the complete revision of its graphics system with extended OpenGL support. This increases usability and ensures flawless integration into current Windows 7 environment. Some of the benefits of this new graphics system are:


  • Increased robustness under different graphics card and driver configurations.

  • Better compatibility with latest graphics features such as Windows Aero (the graphical user interface and default theme in most editions of Windows Vista and Windows 7).

  • Increased display performance, resulting in faster screen updates.

  • Greatly improved display management when working with toolpaths for multiple worksteps.

  • Greatly enhanced curve display in shaded mode.

  • New background color option Gradient with upper and lower color selection, for a better work environment.

The following images show the difference between the old and new graphics system in EZCAM 19:

Source: [Whats new in EZCAM Version 19]

Automatic Hole Recognition

Another new feature in EZCAM 19 is the automatic hole recognition command. This command analyzes an imported 3D model with respect to the XY plane of the current coordinate system and automatically chains circles in the part as separate curves according to diameter, z-surf and depth of the detected holes. The integrated gouge check capability eliminates holes that are unreachable (such as blind holes at the bottom of the part) and also sets the type of moves connecting the circles to ensure safe tool retract levels. The curve ID assigned during the process follows a specific rule: D + hole diameter, Z + top Z level and L + hole depth. The real gain in performance is achieved when curves generated by this new command are used in association with the updated curve wizard that was first introduced in EZCAM v18. It copies the Z-Surf and Z-Depth values included in the curve ID into the corresponding fields of the combo worksteps.

The following image shows an example of using the automatic hole recognition command in EZCAM 19:

Source: [Whats new in EZCAM Version 19]

Delete Single Holes from Drilling Curves

EZCAM 19 also allows you to delete single holes from drilling curves using the modified toggle rapid curve command. This command deletes the selected full circle move and connects previous circle to the next one. This can be useful when you want to remove unwanted or redundant holes from your drilling pattern.

The following image shows an example of deleting a single hole from a drilling curve in EZCAM 19:

Source: [Whats new in EZCAM Version 19]

New Role for Stock Setup Save Simulation Option

EZCAM 19 also changes the role of the stock setup save simulation option. This option now saves the simulation stage at the completion of each workstep. When simulation view is active, changing the selection in the workstep listbox with the mouse or the up/down arrow keys resets the simulation model to the corresponding stage. Preview 3D and Rapid Cut commands start simulating from the end of the current workstep. If the CAD view is active and you want to start simulation from a specific workstep, use recall part command to view the simulation at the end of that workstep, and then start simulation. This feature allows you to easily review and modify your simulation results at any stage of your machining process.

The following image shows an example of using the stock setup save simulation option in EZCAM 19:

Source: [Whats new in EZCAM Version 19]

Update From SolidWorks Model

EZCAM 19 also offers a new command that transfers the model currently active in SolidWorks workspace into the current EZCAM session. This command can be found in the Edit menu and allows you to easily import and update your SolidWorks models into EZCAM without having to save and export them as separate files. This feature can save you time and hassle when working with complex and dynamic models that require frequent changes and adjustments.

The following image shows an example of using the update from SolidWorks model command in EZCAM 19:

Source: [Whats new in EZCAM Version 19]


EZCAM 19 is a powerful and easy-to-use software for creating and editing 3D models, animations, and simulations. It offers many new features and improvements that enhance its usability, performance, and compatibility. Whether you are a professional or a hobbyist, EZCAM 19 can help you achieve your goals and projects with ease and efficiency. You can download a free trial version of EZCAM 19 from [Ezcam Cad Cam Software CNC Simplified CNC Mill,CNC Turn,EDM] and see for yourself what it can do for you.


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