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there are many good reasons to use a blogging engine - namely, it provides a place where your readers can comment and interact with your blog entries. for the purposes of the internet services provider (isp) and for your own personal use, you should use a firewall that is placed between your computer and the rest of the internet. it is a relatively easy job, and most all programs can be configured for this purpose with a few simple steps. a firewall is a security device that screens out incoming attacks. without a firewall your computer can be exposed to viruses and hackers or someone with malicious intent. many companies provide firewall-offering plans for their users; any service provider will provide this for their subscribers.

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the instructions are very simple and take just a couple of minutes to complete; i guarantee that you will be up and running in no time. xsp proxy server is easy to install and uses the windows system administrator to manage the proxy settings and firewall exceptions. since it is available under both the free and commercial versions of the xsp core server, it can be used in any site.

joomla! is a free, open source, high-level content management system (cms) based on php and mysql. its very easy to learn, but powerful for more advanced users. joomla can be a fully functional website builder or an inexpensive cms. joomla supports native xml feeds, google maps, and internationalization. backup and restore joomla! should be backed up regularly and by different means to prevent loss of content. joomla can be backed up by database-level backup tools such as dbbackup and phpmybackup. for the content, consider the use of dedicated content backup software, such as symantec backup exec and tc-utils ( such software can also be used to preserve and restore backups. be aware of any constraints on the storage of backups of your system such as whether storage space is available to the same data for your backup. it is a good idea to have backups on a different system. it is a good idea to have backups of your system in multiple media formats. any backup method you use should be secure and require some form of authentication. store backups in a safe and secure location. do not leave backups on a server in public access. if you have been using a backup program for a long time or have been using different backup methodologies over a long time, you may discover that your backups are out of date or include different versions of your files. this may lead to data loss if you do not resolve the issue.


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