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[S7E3] The Girl Next Door

Young Sam goes to get a book and sees the girl in the next aisle, looking at him. He then calls Dean and tells him the way to kill the kitsune is to stab it in the heart. Once he's finished his report, he asks his brother how he can talk to girls. Sam then approaches the girl and notices a moon necklace. He tries to make conversation and she tells him to go away. When he hesitates, she says that she's not supposed to talk to boys and he goes outside. However, he sees the girl walk away and notices two boys following her. Sam watches and sees them harassing her. He intervenes and quickly takes them down, and the girl introduces herself as Amy.

[S7E3] The Girl Next Door

Sam asks for an explanation and refuses to drop his knife until she does. Amy finally relents and opens the bedroom door, revealing her son Jacob in the next room. She explains that she works as a mortician and she's been feeding on the dead, taking what she and Jacob need. Jacob was dying and needed fresh meat, but now that he's been fed, he's recovering. Amy says that Sam could just walk away, and reminds her of what she did for him.

Sookie leads the gang to the girl's body in the woods and they identify her as 25 year-old Mary-Beth Grant, a resident of St. Alice, two towns over. Sam and Andy call St. Alice's mayor and sheriff, respectively, but neither gets through. "I guess we're taking a road trip to St. Alice," Sookie announces. "We'll go door-to-door if we have to." 041b061a72


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