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21. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Yet the problem of mass incarceration remains alive and well. Although the amount of incarcerated people is decreasing, this diminution is relatively small compared to the gigantic boom of the last four decades. Many Americans do not realize the sheer number of prison complexes around them because they are out of sight and thus out of mind. But just because they are invisible to the majority does not mean that they do not vastly affect the lives of minorities. The fight to reduce the number of prisons will be long and strenuous, yet so is every movement toward justice. After heavy criticism, the Census changed its policy so that willing states and localities could identify their prison populations and not count them. It is now up to individual towns and counties to make the ethical choice.

21. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

How can Spencer be a Jane Doe after being arrested so many times? Did someone erase her fingerprints? Is she not in Radley for Wren to save her? Multi-faceted Round Table question, but this is confusing.Teresa: The fact that Spencer went directly to Radley was just over-the-top ridiculous to me. Remind me never to go to Rosewood since they don't really try to identify you before they shuffle you off to a mental institution. I wonder how Mama Hastings will react to the news that her daughter was institutionalized.Christina: Talk about over-the-top! Truly, anything can happen in Rosewood. Lately, it seems like the A Team's plans are coming together rather smoothly. When are the PLL's going to strike back?!Nick: I want to believe that Spencer's meltdown is all part of her super awesome plan we don't know about. I hope she's enlisted Emily to do some erasing at the police station, and she's using Wren for information on Mona.Leigh: Easy. Rosewood PD is moronic. They probably just called her a Jane Doe because she had no ID on her and couldn't speak when she was found.Carissa: Nick's idea is a super awesome plan....I wonder if the writers thought of it. Because I sure as hell didn't, and I wish I had! That's what I want. It would make the most sense for Wren, the police department and everyone else. Rosewood cannot be run by morons. (But it is, isn't it? Oh no...)Poor Ashley. Could the parents ever be prepared to deal with the likes of A and her minions? Teresa: I'll bet the parents would be better suited to deal with A since their first instincts are usually calling your lawyer. But instead Ashley follows the teenagers and continues to give the A-team power over her and her secrets.Christina: I used to think... if only the parents knew. However, Ashley chose to listen to her teenager daughter! Crazy. BTW, is it safe to say that Ashley has a sixth sense? That's the second (possibly) dead person she's seen.Nick: I'm with Leigh, Ashley wouldn't go down without a fight. I also think Aria's Mom would be a dirty fighter if she needs to be.Leigh: If any of the parents could handle it, it would be Ashley Marin. She ran over Wilden! Ashley will go down fighting. Carissa: None of them have managed to come through yet. Those of you seated at my side have a lot more faith in the adults in Rosewood than I do. The adults seem to be at the top of the A-team manipulation list, and when they get called on it, the crumble. Even Dr. Sullivan, who is supposed to be a people expert, couldn't escape it. How are the Liars supposed to come out alive in the end? Sheesh.Hot or Not: Workshop dude where Emily thought she was to meet Toby? Teresa: comparison with some of the other male characters, he was okay. Christina: Not! Where's Caleb?!Nick: I was too busy being weirded out by him. I'm still waiting for my Noel Kahn PLL...Leigh: Option 3, totally creepy! He was paid off too. Where does Mona get all this money? Seriously? Carissa: Y'all need to pay closer attention. Dude was hot. Who cares if he was creepy if he was hot? Damn.

With the widespread adoption of modern EHRs (9), certain aspects of test result management have become easier. For example, the chaotic streams of paper test results from different testing facilities can now be collated automatically in electronic inbaskets (sometimes called inboxes), linked to clinical documentation and other details associated with the encounter during which the test was originally ordered, and the severity of abnormality can be flagged, creating a valuable visible cue for the responsible provider. Furthermore, follow-up actions associated with test result management (such as ordering additional studies, referring patients to additional specialists, changing therapies, setting reminders for future actions, or generating correspondence with patients) can be executed within the EHR and recorded for future reference by members of the clinical team.(6)

How is your company staying top of mind with your leads and prospects? Your sales team can only be in one place at a time, so your marketing team is likely stepping in to use some combination of social media, blogging, events or other tactics to fill the gap.

Give Them a Branded Item: Promotional or branded items with your logo on it is the gift that keeps on giving. Something as simple as a pen can serve as an indirect visual reminder of your brand, helping keep you top of mind in a functional way. Branded gifts are relatively low cost, but highly effective. Consider using branded items as giveaways at your next tradeshow or event, or as a leave behind after your next sales presentation.

Possibly it is because our Fergusons are hidden deep in the bush, accessible only by chartered float plane: 49 per cent of First Nations members live on remote reserves. Those who do live in urban centres are mostly confined to a few cities in the Prairies. Fewer than 40,000 live in Toronto, not even one per cent of the total population of the Greater Toronto Area. Our racial problems are literally over the horizon, out of sight and out of mind.

Operational risks, on the other hand, are more abstract, involving measurements, numbers, and codes. There are several areas of psychology suggesting that it may be easier to take an operational risk because such risks are out of sight, out of mind. 041b061a72


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